CROSSROADS enthusiastically contributes to the support of many missionaries and projects through Faith Promise giving. As Acts 1:8 teaches us, we have the responsibility to witness to those within the influence of our church; but also have a responsibility to simultaneously help send others to reach other communities and foreign lands. CROSSROADS impacts the world by ministering across the street, around our own nation, and across the globe!

Our missionaries and projects are listed below so you can better pray for them – many with links to their websites just click the name to visit the website and find out more info.

Frank & Darla Brim – Brazil – WBF

Brian & Jaidi Brown – Mexico – BBFI

Scott & Gloria Brown – Mexico – BBFI

Bill & Debbie Crawford – Germany – BBFI

Joe & Sherran Flippin – Brazil – BBFI


Tim & Melenie Koon – Australia – CMC

Dave & Florence McDonald – Spain – WBF

Ron & Nancy Minton – Ukraine – BBFI

Mike & Diane Peper – Sierra Leone – CMC

Dale & Deb Peterson – United Kingdom – CMC

Tom & Lisa Reesor – New Zealand – BBFI

Rick & Fran Schuessler – Bahamas – BBFI

Paulo & Marilza Taveres – Brazil – BIO

Colton & Tanja Twigg – Paraguay – NTM

Penny Warner – Senegal – NTM

Plus multiple families serving in RAN countries


BBFI = Baptist Bible Fellowship International

BIO = Baptist International Outreach

CMC = Central Missionary Clearinghouse

NTM = New Tribes Mission

RAN = Restricted Access Nation

WBF = World Baptist Fellowship