Adult Ministries

Draw Closer To God and Each Other

We value being a community of believers that are drawn together by the love of God, and our adult ministries are designed to do just that. We would enjoy having you join us at any of our activities and groups.

Adult Bible Study

On Wednesday evenings we host our Adult Bible Study beginning at 7:00 pm in Classroom D on our main floor. Come as you are and relax with a hot cup of coffee or tea. Our studies dive into God's Word with an emphasis on how it applies to our busy 21st century lifestyles. We include study and discussion, as well as prayer for one another, our church, and the world around us.


A community of men, ages 16 and older, who are encouraged to take their next step in their walk with Christ, with the goal of continuing to become men who lead in a way that honors God. We use various activities; from cornhole to movies to sports trips to Bible studies, to deepen individual relationships with each other and learn more about God.


"Just for the girls" - B.O.S.S. - Band Of Serving Sisters. Ladies ages 16 to 96 join together to fellowship, study, and plan for upcoming events in the church and community (church dinners, blood drives, picnics, outreaches, etc...). Meetings are held in various ladies' homes each month for planning (and fellowship and yummy food of course) Each year we also hold a wonderful, relaxing retreat to refuel and get away from the daily grind.


Crossfire is our "sportsman" ministry. We meet for gun safety, target practice at various local shooting ranges, and trips to regional gun shows. During the warmer months we enjoy skeet shoots and "burgers and bullets" bbq's. During the cooler months we have access to an indoor range. Think this is a man's sport? Think again, our girls are carrying too!

Crossroads Choppers

Crossroads Choppers provides a chance for our motorcycle enthusiasts to plan rides together. During "motorcycle weather" we attempt rides around scenic Pennsylvania and New York each first and third Monday. We'd love to have you and your bike join us!

Marriage Matters

We host events many times throughout the year. Our desire is to encourage and enrich your marriage. What could be better than spending time together with your spouse, laughing, growing, and encouraging each other along with other couples. You'd be amazed how many couples are just like you! God never asked us to do life alone. Join us as we strive to live our marriages like God intended-forever.

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